Pink hanging Heliconia


Pink hanging Heliconia

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Jan H
Beautiful flowers but delayed delivery

I ordered these flowers for a flower show and followed the shipping guidelines provided. The flowers arrived a day late at 8pm.
They were well packed and beautiful.
I would order flowers again, but not if needed for a specific day.

Linda Lester

I did not receive this flower along with a couple others and would like to be taken care of. A new order in the future would be good.

Norma Sizemore
Another Beauty

Being able to hand pick the individual stem of flowers or greenery for the recipient of the bouquet is a great way to personalize each arrangement. Roses don't say what these flowers say to the friends and family members that are fortunate to receive these beauties. To many of my recipients they are reminders of the time spent here or a way to lure them to come visit. Either way these flowers are rare and beautiful, like the people that receive them. It's like sending a personally hand written note on their special occasion! When the flowers arrive, people are blown away and they get to be creative on how to present them. A gift that keeps on giving!

China Rose
Blooming Beautiful!

These flowers were blooming gorgeous.Everything was better than expected!

Lpis S
Red, not pink

The flowers were in great condition and my mother liked them. However, I was disappointed to see that although I specifically chose the PINK hanging heliconias and gingers, they were much more red than pink in the photos my mother sent to me. :-(