6 Month Membership / 12 Stems plus Foliage


6 Month Membership / 12 Stems plus Foliage

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Includes 12 Tropical Stems plus Foliage Greens in every shipment for 6 Months

The assortments may look like the ones pictured. If you have any preference or special request, please let us know and we will customize your shipment accordingly! 

Your price per Bouquet is only  $99.00  INCLUDING FEDEX SHIPPING ( Regular Price 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Beautiful flowers!!

So exciting to receive flowers from Hawaii. They were packaged very securely and arrived as expected. So beautiful!!! It’s awesome to have a birthday gift that arrives each month for 6 months!!

Martha Strona
Christmas present

My sister-in-law sends me a picture when their bouquet arrives. They love it!

50th Wedding

My wife was very pleased with the flowers that I had sent and looks forward to the next six months of delivery because we can’t visit Hawaii at this time.

Vicky Allen
First time 6 month pkg buyer

This purchase is for my 93 yr old mom living in PA and I really can’t visit her with this horrible virus. I used to send her a rose bouquet of the month but several vendors stopped offering it to my dismay. I decided to check out Blooms for something unique to surprise my mom along with giving her the beauty of my fave state HI ( I have visited Hilo and Kihei 30 yrs ago) and she called me the day she received them in tears of joy in her voice, telling me how precious they were, how fresh, how wonderfully fragrant! She tells me her entire home smells like Hawai’i. Thank you ever so much as I want her to continue receiving the next months pkg - I know she will be looking for it. Thx again!

Cindy Johnson
Great Service/beautiful blooms!

I ordered online (late) and they were very quick to reply. I had flowers sent to Washing ngton State and they arrived early morning, 1-day shipping in fantastic condition. LOL, I think my Aunty was most happy with the ti leaves that she will use for cooking! Mahalo!