Shipping fresh flowers from Hawaii can be somewhat challenging and we would like to offer as much information as possible before your purchase to educate you on our policy, restrictions and possible refunds or reships. Below please find some information on this issue. 

1. You are not happy with your order and it arrived within the 1-2 day time frame without any delays. 

We are very confident about our product and service and we always offer our satisfaction guarantee, so if you are not happy with an order that arrived without delay, we will first reship it. If you are still not satisfied you can ask for a refund, however we do request that you send us a picture of the flowers in question within 24 hours of arrival. 

If you are requesting a refund for any other reason, we request that you send us a photo of the flowers or damaged packaging within 24 hours of receipt so we can determine whether a refund can be given. This will also be required if we have to file a claim on your behalf with Fedex due to shipment delays. Some cases qualify for us to file a claim with FedEx so please submit as much evidence as possible.

3. Friday Deliveries

Please be aware that if you choose Friday as your delivery date and there is an unexpected delay, no reships or refunds are given. A delay can cause for the package to arrive on the following Monday in certain cases because FedEx is closed on Sundays and a lot of times they will not deliver the package on Saturdays because it is marked as "Weekday delivery" and not "Saturday delivery", and we do not assume responsibility for this delay. With a recent increase in shipment delays due to a combination of current events, it is recommended to schedule your delivery no later than Thursday, especially if your order ships to the Midwest/East Coast, to have that extra day, in case of a delay.

If you place an order with us, you will be asked to check a box before check-out and with that you agree that you have read and understand these rules.

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions. We understand that ordering flowers from Hawaii can feel tricky but we hope you feel confident to place your order with us!