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The delivery time was amazing and faster than we expected. The recipient of the flowers was thrilled. Her son told us that they still looked very good a week later. Thank you so very much. They were a real winner!

Great Blooms

Beautiful flowers but quite large had to improvise something to hold them in a small trash bin.


My wife was overwhelmed by the quality and quantity of this bouquet.

Hilo dream bouquet

My sister and her family and friends just loved them. They arrived really fast and were in perfect shape. I will use Blooms of Hawaii for any flowers sent to the mainland I’m so happy that I found them on google-one really doesn’t know what they will be like-they are easy to work with and will spread the word their beautiful flowers and their dependable business.

Flowers didn’t last long

In the past when ordering Hawaiian flowers they’ve lasted a month at least. These were changing within 10 days.

Always amazing

Ordered from you all for 9 years now, always on time, always perfect! The bouquets are beautiful, always makes my wife smile!!

Great experience!

Flowers arrived on time and in great shape. My wife loved them. We spent our honeymoon in Hawaii and these completely caught her by surprise given their uniqueness. Will likely purchase again in the future

Hilo Dream Bouquet

The arrangement came on time but as stated the Ginger may be substituted. When using a different flower I would think it would be just as colorful and have a presence. The arrangement ended up being very thin and sparse. I finally found three stems of Ginger in Dallas at $10.00 a stem to fill out the arrangement. There was one stick of a flower with a bulb on the end that never bloomed and yes I cut the stems upon arrival and another time.

Perfect gift each year

Since my wife and I had visited Hawaii year ago I have sent her flowers eaxh year on Valentines day directly from Hawaii. I have used Blooms of Hawaii for the past 3 years and they never disappoint. I enjoy her smile and she enjoys her flowers!

No white orchids

I chose this more expensive arrangement specifically for the white orchids, and the flowers that arrived, while beautiful, were without them. Based on the description above, it seemed like white orchids were a guarantee with this bouquet, so I am very disappointed they were not included. These flowers were specially sent to honor the passing of a family member, so the white was an important and symbolic part of this gift.

Great experience

Have ordered several times for mother's day


The lei was gorgeous and arrived on time. I was disappointed it did not last long. I had these sent on a Thursday, completely wilted by Saturday AM. I had gone to a luau that Monday in Maui, received a lei and flew home with it and it still looked new. That was what I expected with this one.

Is a day early better than a day late?

At the beginning of the order they ask when you would like your flowers to be delivered? You pick a day because there are big plans going along with that delivery, and it doesn’t work out the way you had hoped. But the flowers are nice.

Aloha Kim, thank you for your review. We shipped your order a day early because we were running out of flowers very early this year (due to bad weather in the previews months which impacted our harvest). Your order got Priority because you ordered well in advance. We had to stop taking orders and a big portion had to be canceled. sending them early was in your best interest and since we never heard that a day early caused a problem we went ahead and shipped them out. in this business, it is ALWAYS better a day early than a day late:-) We are glad that you were pleased with the flowers. Mahalo!


Perfection! Maui to the mainland!

Amazing gift..wondered if they flew over first class as they arrived as stated.
Will be back to order for all my flower needs for life!

Beautiful fresh flowers

I ordered a bouquet for a friend. They arrived at my house, and I wanted to keep them for myself! Easy to arrange and just spectacular.
I definitely will send in another order very soon.

Beautiful flowers!

The flowers were absolutely wonderful. Shipped right away and got them with plenty of time to spare and were protected nicely. One of the flowers wasn't included because it was a seasonal one, but the site is good at letting you know that. Would definitely order more!

Flowers for my sweeties

Both of my recipients were thrilled with the flowers. My sister was in tears of joy when she called to thank me because she was married in Hawaii and really likes Hawaiian flowers.

Wonderful flowers!

Arrived right on time, recipient loved them. A week later they still look perfect.


I sent Flowers from Blooms of Hawaii to a friend who has been ill. She loved them. And they lasted a lot longer than most other cut stems.

Birthday bouquets

My mom loved the arrangement you sent.


Upon receipt of all the flowers I ordered they all looked healthy and perfect. This is my tenth year ordering flowers from Kauai so I know the ins and outs of taking care of them. By the third day the Heliconia appeared to be suffering and lost it's stability, sagging and the ends drying up no matter what I did. Other than that the flowers were absolutely gorgeous.

Perfect for sending a gift.

Our gift recipient was delighted with the flowers!

Smooth transaction, quick shipping, and a beautiful bouquet.

The website was clear and the order process was smooth. The delivery went out exactly as scheduled. Thank you!

Hilo Dream Bouquet

I ordered the bouquet and it exceeded my expectations. It not only was carefully packaged and arrived on time, each stem was remarkably beautiful and they truly lit up the room.