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Beautiful piece

This was a thank you to my brother. He had helped us lay flooring. While he was here, he mentioned how much he missed the islands since COVID. This was a perfect thank you.

Delayed delivery

I wish I could submit a review, but the delivery of the flowers I ordered for my brother and sister-in-law's 50th wedding anniversary has been delayed. There is no word from Fed Ex with a new delivery date. However, at this point, the flowers are certainly ruined.

Aloha Valerie, i am so sorry to hear about this. It looks like your flowers are still stuck in CA. This was one of many shipments that got delayed due to the aftermath of Fedex being shut down for six days after the winter storm. They were on a huge back log and are finally catching up. We have filed a claim with Fedex on your behalf for this shipment. We will let you know when we have an update. In the meantime let's keep our fingers crossed that they will be delivered soon!

I need your help. My order for my relative’s 90th birthday was supposed to arrive last Friday 2/26. According to the tracking it stated in Ontario California from 2/25 to 3/2. It got to Memphis on 3/2. Can you file a claim with FedEx and refund my money. I’m so upset the flowers are so, so late. I’m sure they will be frozen or dead😒

Aloha, we are sorry to hear about the delayed shipment. I checked on your order and it has now been delivered. This was one of many shipments that got delayed due to the aftermath of Fedex being shut down for six days after the winter storm. They were on a huge back log and are finally catching up. We will file claims for all these shipments, if FedEx is reimbursing us for anything we will certainly let you know! Again we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this delay has caused.

Surprised and happy!

I ordered the Maui Wowie to be delivered to Florida. Due to severe weather across the nation, the flowers became stuck in California. After 13 days it was finally delivered today! I was so worried they would be dead on arrival but they were still alive and full of life! I’m so happy my friend is able to enjoy them!!


We have been ordering Beautiful Hawaiian 🌺 Flowers from Blooms of Hawaii for years!!!
Great service, Friendly people and a super fun surprise to give.
We will be ordering from them many many more times-years 😊

Late, quick to die, had tiny white flies

Will nor use rhis shipper again, notified me just before Valentines Day that flowers would be late. Flowers were very short lived. Less than a week before they were gone. I wonder how long they had been sitting before shipment. The flowers were infested with tiny white flies, wife had to spray the flowers with neems oil.

Blooms of Hawaii Rocks!

I have been a customer for many years, and the arrangements are always awesome and last for a couple weeks. Their customer service is also excellent. I highly recommend Blooms of Hawaii.

Completely worth it

Such a beautiful arrangement and so many flowers that my girlfriend was able to make two bouquets out of them, one for her bedroom upstairs and one for the dining room downstairs. This is my second order from Blooms of HI and I will definitely order again


Kona Sunset ( NEW!)
Lovely Hawaiian fjower arrangements and efficient service

I had flowers sent to a grieving friend who lives in another city so I didn't see the flowers. However, my friend said they were fresh and lovely. I found this company to be efficient and easy to work with. I will order from them again when I want flowers from Hawaii.


Super easy to order. Flowers arrived on time and in perfect condition. It made for a very special bouquet for my mother’s 90th birthday.

The order did not arrive after 3 days so I had the $79.00 charge removed from my Chase account. I communicated this to your company via email. I also said if they ever arrived and had not been destroyed I would be happy to pay for them.

Ordered several individual stems - arrived carefully packaged and just as beautiful as if we were in Hawaii!

Better than expected

I ordered these beautiful flowers in advance for Valentine’s Day. Not only did they arrive on time, but they where well packaged and had no damage at all.
A week out, we decided to try and preserve a few of them, the remaining ones are still gorgeous. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

In the Middle of a Polar Vortex, Customer Service Still Rules!

I ordered then Kona Sunset arrangement for my wife's birthday a few weeks back. Living in Minnesota, having a little of the Aloha Spirit in the middle of a cold, blustery winter always gives a smile to my wife's face when she receives them. It has pretty much become a tradition for us even! I ordered this arrangement, Blooms of Hawaii sent me messages telling me where my order stood and notified me it was shipped. Then Texas and the Polar Vortex happened. My flowers were stuck in Houston and Fedex, being the customer service leader they are, posted a note on their website stating they would not assume any responsibility/liability for any delayed shipments as a result of the weather there. So, I waited, and waited, and waited, and finally today the flowers came. As you'd expect, they did not fare well in the cold weather for over a week, and arrived at our home in pretty bad shape. I sent a message to Blooms of Hawaii and explained all the above to them, and, to my pleasant surprise Jennefer, the owner, said she would replace the arrangement when it was safe to ship them again. Talk about customer service! It wasn't her company's fault the weather ruined the flowers (nor was it Fedex's fault for that matter), yet she stepped up to make it right with the customer. It is exactly this type of customer service that makes a loyal customer. Thank you Jennefer, and know that I will be recommending Blooms of Hawaii to all my cold MN friends that need a little Aloha Spirit in their lives!

Great flowers

My daughter loved her flowers from Hawaii as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Over night delivery fail

They were 3 days late.

Flowers Never Received

Ordered Valentines flowers from Blooms of Hawaii on February 4, 2021. They were due to arrive Feb 11, and we tried to contact Blooms on Feb 13 when they had not arrived. It's Feb 22 and still no work from the company or and news about delivery. Last week was difficult for deliveries due to weather, but they were scheduled to be delivered before that.

Aloha Leslie, Thank you for your review and we are very sorry about this delay. We had a total of 120 shipments that were delayed. The bad weather has started before the really bad storm that was all over the news, so most of our Valentine's day orders were already delayed, and now shipments are delayed because Fedex is on back log from being shut down for 6 days. We did not get notified who's package was delayed we only found out from customers, and we tried our best to get back to every email and message, so if we somehow missed your message we are very sorry! Even though we do not get reimbursed from UPS/Fedex we will send you a coupon to pay for the flowers on a future shipment for the inconvenience.

Gorgeous and bright

Flowers are beautiful and abundant. My mother loves them. (She says she feels like she is in Hawaii). They are fresh, bright and stunning. The delivery was prompt and they were very carefully packed to make it to FL in perfect condition. I will order from here again.


Very happy with the lovely flowers!

Best bouquet ever, a second tim3

Delivered it a few days late, so I was worried. It arrived on Sunday, Valentines Day. Absolutely spectacular. My wife's friends keep asking here how we got them. Two friends I showed pictures to, are getting them for their wives' birthdays. Such a big set of flower, I had to put it into two vases.


Very beautiful. Thank you for sending us a part of the island. Aloha

Valentines flowers

Flowers arrived frozen to the Midwest mainland uncontrolled by subzero weather . Very nice owner will resend at later date

Beautiful Hawaiian flowers

I was delighted at the quality of the Hawaiian flowers.

Something new

The only anthuriums I've seen are the red and pink. Have never seen this color before. I'm from california. The birthday girl couldn't believe the flowers came all the way from Hawaii. She said they were so vibrant and like just picked. i owe a debt of gratitude to Jennefer.