Our flowers are packaged with the utmost care and will be shipped in a Gift Box. Once you or the recipient receives the Flowers, they must be unpacked and placed in a vase with clean water. Unlike traditional Flower deliveries on the Mainland which are delivered from a local florist, these flowers are shipped directly from Hawaii to your door! It is real fun to receive a box of Hawaiian flowers, and here are some instructions which show you how easy it is to arrange them.

There are 2 ways to arrange the flowers. The first images show you how to arrange them using a regular vase where you easily place the flowers one by one. We always ship the stems at full length, but it is highly recommended to trim some of the stems that are longer than others just to give it a nice full look


The other way to make a flower arrangement is shown here. You can see that it is real easy with those instructions to make a beautiful bouquet using a small round vase which includes the foam. You can purchase these vases on our website and for your convenience, the foam is glued in so once you receive it you are ready to go. 

You will need scissors and a stapler to create one of these bouquets. The stapler is used to clip the ti leaves together to give it that elegant look. To achieve this look, you will need the following flowers and Foliage:

5-6 Ti leaves
1 Raphis Palm
2-3  Hala Leaves
2 Lycopodium
3 Tropic Fleur
3 Red or Pink Ginger 
5 White Orchid Stems 
3 Anthurium