Rostrata hanging Heliconia


Rostrata hanging Heliconia


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Adele Tiller
Couldn’t be more pleased!

I ordered enough flowers for two arrangements to be used at my Mother’s celebration of life.
The service was held in Tennessee.
My Mom, who was born in Paia, Maui, loved all Hawaiian flowers; hibiscus and anthuriums were her favorites.
It was critical that fresh Hawaiian flowers arrive on time for her CoL, and we were NOT disappointed.
All the flowers were fresh, beautiful, and exactly what we had envisioned. And - they arrived on time!!!
I will now be ordering from BloomsofHawaii for my house in Arizona on a regular basis.

Claudia Carver
Fascinating and beautiful

A trio of pink hanging heliconia arrived in perfect condition last Wednesday here in Los Angeles. They are beautiful even now, a week later. They fascinated the guests at our 'beach safari' party, ages 3-85. Thanks for the joy they brought!

Kathryn Hirst
Fabulous flower

The hanging Rostrata helconia was delivered to California on specified date. All the flowers & greenery ordered were packaged extremely well for the journey to Ca. If you’re looking to buy tropical flowers I highly recommend using Blooms of Hawaii. I made all my own arrangements for a tropical themed party in my backyard and these amazing flowers were the highlight of the party atmosphere. I purchased $732.00 of various flowers and greenery for my party and every heliconia , Obake anthurium, red/pink ginger, monstera leaves ( in 3 sizes) , Beehives and Rattlesnakes & others that don’t come to mind we’re absolutely amazing! You won’t regret ordering from Blooms of Hawaii

Norma Sizemore
Never disappoint!

Over the last 3 or 4 years I've had many close friends who visited me in HI and love the flowers! What a great reminder of their time spent here with the visual and the smells of Hawaii! Blooms of Hawaii do a wonderful job of delivering on time, provide you give them the time they need. Sometimes I've cut it close, but they have never let me down!
I've attached a picture of a typical bouquet that I send out. Depending on the individuals and which flowers they fell in love with makes their personal bouquet. That's another reason I use them, you can order by the stem, which is a rare service!

Linda Schwartz

My favorite of all the stems I received. It is so unique - simply amazing!.

So wonderful to have a tropical arrangement to remind us of our trips to Hawaii and look forward to the next vacation there. This company stands behind it's products. I think there are issues with delivery companies these days because neither arrangement that we ordered arrived in one day as indicated, and I wonder if this contributes to some of the stems being dry and droopy. Most were good on this shipment though and the last one which was 4 days late resulted in another order for free so the company stands behind it's products. Do expect a few substitutions if you order a variety of stems.