California Dreaming NEW - FOR CA DELIVERIES (18 tropical Stems plus Lush Foliage)


California Dreaming NEW - FOR CA DELIVERIES (18 tropical Stems plus Lush Foliage)



This Bouquet includes 18 tropical stems plus lush Foliage

Due to recent events we are no longer able to ship certain flowers to California so we have created a bouquet with flowers that we CAN ship. You can still order any other bouquet but due to the restrictions there will be substitutions made and customers have been asking what we would use for subs so we created a bouquet specifically created for California. 

Included in this Bouquet are Birds of Paradise, Heliconia, a variety of Anthuriums, Orchids, tropic fleur  and plenty of luscious Hawaiian Foliage.

-Flowers are shipped in a Gift Box and not Pre-arranged
-Care and arranging instructions are included in shipment 
-Stems come in different sizes and might need to be trimmed for a fuller look
-Each order includes a personalized greeting card
-Substitutions may occur due to seasonality of flowers.
-We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not happy we refund or reship the whole order.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Susan Chun
Absolutely beautiful!

I ordered two bouquets for my brother-in-laws’ funeral services. The flowers were amazing. The services were held in Oregon. I was not able to attend but wanted to represent myself with something from Hawaii. It was perfect. My sister continues to enjoy the flowers. This was well beyond my expectations. Thank you so much.

Richard Talmadge
Thank u

Flowers are beautiful

Michael Dulac
Scottsdale review.

The orchids only lasted a few days and there were no dark red flowers heart shaped flowers with the yellow included like in the pictures.

We would only give it a 2 out of 5 stars….

Mark Ramirez
Great flowers at a great price

Bought two sets. One for girlfriend, the other as a birthday arrangement/gift for a friend.

Both loved them 100%.

Flowers came FedEx overnight. They were packed well. And, all the stems were in great condition.

I highly recommend.

Marilyn Havard
beautiful flowers

I sent these to an elderly lady who can no longer travel to Maui. These were beautiful and gave her many pleasant memories to hold dear. Had a small problem with delivery but it was sorted out within a couple of hours. Very pleased both with the flowers and the service!