Aloha Wholesale Box 80 Stems (15% DISCOUNT)

$315.00 $267.00 -15%

Aloha Wholesale Box 80 Stems (15% DISCOUNT)

$315.00 $267.00 -15%


This Box includes 80 Stems Hawaiian Tropical Flowers and foliage. ( 50 Tropical Flowers and 20 exotic Foliage leaves). Minor customizations are ok if necessary. 

5 Large Red Anthuriums 
5 Large Obake Anthuriums
5 Medium Premium Anthuriums 
10 Medium Orchids
5 Medium Heliconias 
5 Beehive
10 Medium Assorted Gingers (Red/Pink)
5  Tropic Fleur
5 Bamboo Orchid Foliage
10 Massangeana Leaves
2 Raphis Palm
3 Anthurium Leaves
10 Ti Leaves

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Gina D
Absolutely beautiful

These flowers came wonderfully packaged and healthy. I was able to create five full vases from the bulk order. Everyone who received them, loved them.

Marian D Rieders
80 blooms arrived in perfect condition.

I am not a florist by any means but I was able to arrange the 80 stems into 4 vases for a Hawaii themed baby shower and many peopled commented on how beautiful they were. We also received 2 leis for the Mom and Dad to be which were lovely. Thanks so much.

Schaely Renfrew
Extremely Pleased!

We ordered Blooms of Hawaii for the centerpieces of a tropical themed party. They were absolutely gorgeous and the highlight of our décor. We received an unbelievable amount of compliments. They were fresh, vibrant, and timely. Highly recommend!

Debra Hilton

Flowers arrived in great condition as promised.


The flowers from Bloom of Hawaii always arrive in great condition. It is like opening a special present every time the box arrives during our Wisconsin winter. Thanks!