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BIhai Heliconia

Heliconias are the most dominant flowers in an Arrangement. They are very sturdy and dominant and can be used with other tropical flowers or in a tall vase by themselves. The Stem is around 24 inches long. 

Stem Size: 

Short 20 inches 
Medium 22 inches
Large 24 Inches
Extra Large 28 Inches

Category: bihai heliconia

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Everything was great

Beauty from Hawaii

My husband found their website and we decided to order. I purchase fresh flowers for my home weekly, but finding gorgeous tropicals is difficult, especially in Texas. I am thrilled that we chose to order from Blooms of Hawaii! Every piece we chose arrived fresh, intact, and vibrant. Our shipment arrived as promised, and packaged with great care. Now I can enjoy a bit of Hawaiian beauty right at home, any time. We will absolutely order from BoH again!! Thank you for providing an excellent standard of service and operating true to your promise! To trust an online floral business to deliver exactly what they promise can be daunting. Not only did we discover that Blooms of Hawaii provides quality items in the timeline they promise, but they are inexpensive! I pay much more for tropical pieces at any local retailer. Overall, our experience was flawless. Excited to order again soon!!

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