Red Ginger


Red Ginger



Red gingers are available through out the year. Available in 3 sizes. Please make your selection. This item does NOT ship to CA due to their strict AG Inspection

Customer Reviews

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Stan Clason
Mothers day

Fulfilled mother's day needs beyond expectations. Order arrived on time which was amazing considering the distance and busy time of year. Flowers arrived as fresh and beautiful as if I were still living in Hawaii and the shop was around the corner. If you need flowers, do business here. Mahalo

Nick Kazarian

I have ordered from you before and had a great experience, but this time was disappointing. 1) The computer indicated we would have delivery on Valentine's Day, but flowers arrived Feb. 15th. I take some responsibility for that as I should have ordered two weeks in advance instead of one week. Maybe FedEx just delivered late, but I paid for expedited delivery.
2) I opted for large Anthuriums, not the biggest option, but flowers were pretty small. I ordered some red Ginger stems, but did not receive them. Instead, there were some weak Bird of Paradise stems that were substituted. It was not acknowledged there was a substitution.
Anyway, my wife did get flowers for Valentine's and we did get a little piece of the Hawaiian islands to grace our house. I will order from you again in the future, but hope results are closer to my previous experience. I'm not unhappy, just disappointed.
Mahalo, we love visiting Hawaii!

James Binns

Lovely ginger. Loved by the recipient.

Michele Benton
Beautiful and fresh

Fresh and stately in a rather large luau centerpiece

patricia Adams

Flowers arrived early, and packed very well. All healthy and very large. I love them.